Tyres & Offers

We Deal in all types of Tyres & Major brands mentioned below

We are offering Free fitting, Free wheel balancing , Free computerized wheel alignment, free Rim Straighter, free nitrogen on purchase if tow or four tyres,

Credit card and debit card are accepted

 Our services rates are given below.

  1. Free fitting Rs.15
  2. 2 Wheel Balancing Rs.50 (including new Weights )
  3. Wheel computerized alignment (all Car SUVS and MUV ) s.100- 150
  4. puncture tubeless Rs.60 -100
  5. Nitrogen Rs.15-40 per wheel
  6. Rim Straighter Rs.25/75/100
  7. Tyre Rotation Rs.10 Per wheel
  8. Alloy wheel balancing Rs.50 (weight will charged extra Rs.25 to Rs.50 )

For express way or national highway no 8 for car owners we are replacing tyres, if tyre is punctured or burst , very low cost services we will provide, it’s our great honor we can give you great cooperation.

Email us on info@vlptyre.com

We are main dealer of all brands tyres and we offer good looking alloy wheel also to get better grip and look your car awesome.